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Fulfilment that lasts a lifetime.

"I would recommend Barry 10 times over!"


Life-changing piano lessons for teenagers in Helsinki...

At Helsinki Piano Lab your teen doesn't just gain access to the latest teaching methods and technology - they gain access to a thriving musical community that transforms individual piano lessons into life-long journeys of musical fulfilment - all whilst learning fast and having fun!

...from a top-rated Helsinki music school...

We work hard to bring you the highest quality of teaching and community, so that you can enjoy a premium learning experience at a top-rated piano studio. Students and parents continue to rate us very highly, and you can browse their growing number of 5-star ratings on Google, Facebook, and around the internet.

...making life easy for you!

Our studios are located around Helsinki for your convenience, and you can book a completely free first lesson in just a few clicks. You can start without your own keyboard, and there are no long-term contracts.


A scholarship fund is available for teenagers who need it and I believe we’re the only studio in Helsinki to offer you a 30-day 100% money back guarantee from the date of your first lesson - so you can start without risking a cent!


Read on to find more reasons why teens love to come back again and again!

"Barry is an excellent teacher and very patient, calm and encouraging. Excellent!"

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Your teen can get much more than piano lessons...

At Helsinki Piano Lab, we believe music education is much more than just piano lessons. It is also about belonging to a musical community and discovering a deeper purpose within music. 


That’s why we’ve extended our core programs to include collaboration as a key feature of all of our courses, so your teen will get many opportunities to work together with other students and musicians, if they want. It’s why we offer piano parties, teach duets, write songs, accompany dance, and provide opportunities to make musical friends.


Our goal is to offer your loved one a journey of musical fulfilment that can last a lifetime - and you are invited.

"Barry is a really calm, patient and kind teacher."

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...You unlock our top-rated musical community...

Students and parents consistently rate us highly on Google and Facebook, as well as in direct feedback. Reasons that come up include:

Excellent teaching quality

We work hard to make sure that you get excellent teaching quality in weekly lessons, and your teacher will have a proven record of collaborative learning, in addition to their many other skills. Regardless of how many extra features are added to your experience, we are committed to keeping teaching quality high by investing strongly in our teachers.


Thriving community

In addition to this, they can get a richer musical experience with collaborative piano parties of various themes. Teenagers can play duets, jam with chords, accompany other instruments, accompany dance, or even write songs. Music is more fun when it is shared, and making musical friends is actively encouraged!


Best possible experience

We’ve gone through every step and worked hard to create the best possible experience for teenagers and their families, and to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. We believe piano lessons should remove stress from your schedule and not add any to it!


In our studio you’ll find:


  • Friendly and patient teachers,

  • A thriving musical community,

  • Cosy, top-rated studios,

  • Many delighted students and parents,

  • Collaborative piano parties,

  • Easy access: our studios can be reached easily by train, metro, bus, and car,

  • FREE email and text support between lessons,

  • FREE keyboard guide,

  • FREE parent success guide,

  • Discounted keyboard rental available to new students,

  • No long term contracts or large up-front payments,

  • Not to mention there is a scholarship fund (click here for more details).


And if that wasn’t enough, we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee from the date of the first lesson, so you can get started risk-free.

"Barry is very friendly, patient and planned an interactive class. My kid is looking forward to next session!"

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Pianonsoiton opettaja Helsinki.jpeg

Ok, I’m interested. What’s the next step?


The process is simple:

Free trial piano lesson in Helsinki - booking plan - less text.jpeg

Your first step is to claim your free trial lesson. Choose an option below:

"I'd recommend Barry to anyone as he's calm

and has loads of patience with his pupils."

Teens' courses

Teens become self-motivated learners

Teens learn best when they're doing what they love doing!

Our method plays to teenagers' ability to learn new material quickly, meaning the hard work is done in the lesson time with the teacher's support.

Teenagers progress faster when they have more time work things out (with expert guidance), work towards goals, and learn how to practise instead of just being told what to do between lessons.

This results in time spent playing at home feeling easier and more fun.


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"My son has been taking piano lessons for 2 months now. Barry is an excellent teacher and very patient, calm and encouraging. Excellent!"

Trial lesson 1
Piano BLAST OFF for teens.jpeg

Piano Blast-Off!

Trial piano lesson for teens

Is your teen ready for piano lessons?


This is a COMPLETELY FREE 30-minute introductory session where your teenager can experience learning piano for the first time.


Piano Blast-Off is designed specifically for teens, giving them a first experience learning piano and giving you all an unforgettable memory!


You don’t need your own piano or keyboard, just a desire to give it a go!

"Barry is a really calm, patient and kind teacher."

Trial lesson 2
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Piano lessons for teens in Helsinki.jpeg

Features of Piano Blast-Off

In Piano Blastoff, your teen will:

  • Learn 3-5 songs in less than 20 minutes so you can avoid that ‘new student’ struggle that many experience,

  • Learn finger numbers and basic technique, to give your child a head start in learning new material,

  • Play new songs quickly and effortlessly,

  • Get to know their teacher,

  • Have fun learning something completely new.


And you will:

  • Know for sure if your teen is ready and excited to learn,

  • Have a plan that is customised to your teen, whatever it is they want to do.


Not to mention you will get a free keyboard guide and parent success guide!

"Barry is very friendly, patient and planned an interactive class. My kid is looking forward to next session!"

Trial lesson 3
Piano lessons for teens helsinki
Piano lessons for teenagers in Helsinki

What you get from Piano Blast-Off

Here’s what you get when you attend the workshop:


  • Free 30-minute trial lesson,

  • Chance to ask any questions from an experienced piano teacher,

  • Free keyboard guide (find out if a keyboard is necessary, if you should be using a piano or keyboard, essential keyboard features, AND how to access a keyboard if you don’t wish to buy one),

  • Free parent success guide (find out how you can best support your child's learning and maximising both fun & progress),

  • Student support system bonus,

  • 10% discount for Piano Lab Helsinki for one month,

  • 30-day no questions guarantee for your first month of lessons.


By the end of this workshop, you’ll know for sure if your teen is excited and ready to learn, without spending a cent.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


"I highly recommend Barry as a piano teacher!"

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