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Discover Piano Lab: Where Tradition Meets Technology in Piano Learning

What is Piano Lab?

Piano Lab is a revolutionary approach to piano education, blending modern technology with time-honoured teaching techniques. It's not just about learning piano; it's about experiencing music in a way that's both effective and exhilarating.

Why do things differently?

Traditional one-on-one lessons have their merits, but at Piano Lab, we embrace a holistic approach that caters to diverse learning styles.This method is not just different; it's more attuned to the varied needs of today's learners.

Benefits of Piano Lab Helsinki

​The Benefits:

  • Faster progress. Music isn’t just learned in the lesson, it’s practised and internalised. This enables quicker and more profound progress.

  • Better note-reading. Start with confidence. Our in-lesson assignments foster skill and assurance right from the beginning.

  • Increased confidence. A blend of rapid progress, effective learning techniques, and self-guided work empowers students, boosting their confidence significantly.

  • Reduced anxiety. Students have freedom & privacy to work things out on their own, but still have expert help on hand when needed.

  • Thriving community. Be part of an inspiring community where hard work and musical friendships add fun and motivation to your learning journey!

And if that wasn’t enough, you'll enjoy longer lesson times offering exceptional value compared to standard one-to-one sessions.

Is it just another group class?

Far from it. Traditional group classes often mean some students race ahead while others lag behind. At Helsinki Piano Lab, everyone progresses at their own pace, creating a balanced, enjoyable, and effective learning environment for all.


How does it work in practice?

Each piano is equipped with two headphones - one for the student, and one for the teacher. Your lesson begins with one-to-one instruction with the teacher, followed by a tailored assignment. As you work on your task, the teacher assists other students, returning to you for feedback and further guidance. This method not only optimises learning time but also cultivates independence in a supportive setting.


How to I start?

Embark on your musical journey with Helsinki Piano Lab – where each note leads to new possibilities.


Start with a free trial lesson by clicking the button below:

Helsinki Piano Lab is dedicated to providing inspirational piano lessons for adults & children in Herttoniemi, Pasila, and Ruoholahti. We believe musical education should be fun and available to everyone.

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