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Join Our Learning Community

Your selected location is presently experiencing high demand, but you can still join a temporary waitlist while we increase capacity.

Active waitlists:

Pasila, Ruoholahti, Central Helsinki, and Leppävaara

Join the list to receive a priority invitation once there is availability.

As a waitlist member you get:


  • Free First Lesson: Experience our quality firsthand, on us.

  • Special Introductory Offer: Enjoy a 10% discount on your lessons for the first three months when they start.

  • Refer & Save More: Get an additional month at 25% off for every friend who signs up with us for at least one month of lessons.

  • No commitment: Joining the waitlist doesn't commit you to anything - no problem if you change your minder later.

Thank you for your patience - we'll get back to you as soon as possible!!

"Barry is an excellent teacher and very patient, calm and encouraging. Excellent!"

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Why Join the Waiting List? 

  1. First Dibs! 🎶 - By being on the waiting list, you’ll be the first to know when our doors swing open again. No more waiting, just seamless piano learning.

  2. Exclusive Launch Offer 💰 - Not only do you get priority access, but you also secure 10% off lesson fees at the new location for your first 3 months.

  3. Refer a Friend 🎼 - For every friend you refer who signs up for at least one month of lessons, you'll get 25% off piano lessons for another month. That's one extra month for every friend you refer to us.

Still got questions? Check out the FAQ below, or go straight to the waitlist.

"Barry is a really calm, patient and kind teacher."

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Q1: What if I change my mind after joining the waiting list?
A1: No worries! Joining the list is commitment-free. It just ensures you're updated and have first dibs on our offers.

Q2: I'm an absolute beginner. Is this for me?
A2: Absolutely! Our lessons cater to all, from fresh starters to seasoned pianists.

Q3: When can I expect to hear from you?
A3: We're working round the clock to bring them to you ASAP. By being on the waiting list, you'll be the first to know the exact dates!

For any other questions, feel free to contact us.

🎶 Thank you for being a cherished part of our musical family. Let’s hit the high notes together! 🎶

"Barry is very friendly, patient and planned an interactive class. My kid is looking forward to next session!"

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Ready to Dive into the Rhythmic Pool of Possibilities?

Joining the waiting list is as easy as a C major scale! Fill in the form below, pick your preferred location(s), and voilà – you’re all set.

💡 Pro Tip: Don’t limit yourself to one location. The more locations you choose, the sooner you can experience the symphony of our teaching magic! You can change to a more suitable location later if needed.

Please choose your desired location(s) below:

Possible locations (please choose all that apply)

"I highly recommend Barry as a piano teacher!"

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Pianonsoiton opettaja Helsinki.jpeg

"I warmly recommend Barry as a piano teacher! He is kind and patient, and really creates a comfortable atmosphere for playing."

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