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Christmas piano workshop for children & adults

  • Come try some piano for the first time

  • Learn Christmas songs & basic piano skills at a Helsinki top-rated piano studio


  • For beginners aged 5-99

  • Saturday 3.12 or 17.12, various times

in Herttoniemi, Helsinki.

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Are you as crazy about Christmas songs as we are?

Or do you have a little loved one who is?

In our studio, this is a favourite time of the year, because it means... Christmas songs!!!

Many children and adults take special delight in learning and sharing some of their favourite Christmas tunes - and they're so easy to get started!

That's why we developed Christmas Blast-Off, so that you or a loved one can learn 3-5 Christmas songs in a free 30-minute workshop, and end 2022 on a festive high.


No experience necessary.

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Introducing Christmas Blast-Off 2022

Joululauluja lapsille pianolla - December 2022.jpeg

This is a COMPLETELY FREE 30-minute introductory session where you or your loved one can experience learning piano for the first time.


Christmas Blast-Off is open to complete beginners, aged 5-99, giving a first experience learning piano and giving you an unforgettable memory!


You don’t need your own piano or keyboard, just a desire to give it a go!

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When is it?

Christmas Blast-Off is running on Saturday 3rd or 17th of December.

There are limited places available, so be sure to book early!


Reserve your time by following the booking link below.

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Where is it?

Christmas Blast-Off is located just 10 minutes from Helsinki centre by metro.

It is hosted by Helsinki Piano Lab, a cosy home studio next to Herttoniemi metro station.

Full address is given when you reserve your time.

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